Winter property maintenance!

Winter property maintenance in Norfolk

When it gets to that time of the year when the barbecue and garden furniture are put away, we often start looking at the general fabric of our property for signs of shabby appearance and potential problems. Autumn is certainly a good time to get the pressure washing professionals in to remove a whole summer of accumulated grime, mildew and natural growth (lichens and mosses for example).

Half cleaned fence - Norfolk pressure washing

One fence panel pressure washed next to an unwashed panel for comparison

Not all maintenance jobs are DIY opportunities

Some householders will have a go at the job themselves, but it probably won’t be a satisfactory solution to the underlying problems. Not to mention the problems that can be caused by getting it wrong, especially when working at height. This is where you need to contact companies like ours who have the expertise and the right equipment to get your property looking as good as new again.

High level pressure washing from an access platform

pressure washing from a cherry picker

Roofing, walls and driveway issues, its time to look under the grime

There are so many things to look at. Take, for example, the roof tiles. It might be years since anyone went up there and looked at them and, from the ground, all you can probably see is a neatly tiled roof that isn’t the same colour as it used to be. Well, with the right pressure washing treatment you will not only have roof tiles that look as good as new but we will also be able to highlight any potential problems that have developed like cracked or missing tiles. Odd Bods can also help you here to ensure that your tiles are resealed, leaving you peace of mind that they’re protecting your roof as they should be!

The same goes if you have rendered walls. They might be covered in green deposits that, once blasted away, reveal cracks that need attention. Surely it makes sense if repairs to rendering are done before any further damage is inflicted on the walls beneath, especially as winters in this fine country can come with all sorts of weather, from frost to sleet to torrential rain.

pressure washing a rendered wall

Pressure washing a rendered wall

It’s a similar story with a stone or block paved patio or driveway. Accumulated grime and deposits might be masking damage that really should be corrected before it gets worse. If a single stone or a couple of blocks are cracked, for example, the water ingress could cause damage to a wider area. Your vehicle may have dripped a variety of fluids over a period of time that are almost impossible to clean by hand but can be blasted away with pressure washing.
Function aside, everyone loves a clean house



Brick driveway pressure cleaning. drive washing Norfolk

Brick driveway pressure cleaning. drive washing Norfolk

It’s not only for maintenance reasons that you’ll want to get your property looking its best. Whether you’re planning to sell your home, or welcoming guests for the festive season, other people notice things about your home, and if their first impression is one of a well maintained, welcoming house, yours is likely to be the home that everyone wants to come too.
It’s never too early to start winter maintenance, and we’re happy to come and view your property to see what needs doing in time for those winter months ahead, so why not get in touch and book a visit, before you string the Christmas lights up!

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