Any one for Tennis!?

A lovely game of tennis is great for fun and fitness. Tennis court surfaces are varied from concrete, clay and grass – but even the very most beginner needs a safe surface to learn the beautiful game.


The winter months can really take their toll on outside courts if they are not used and maintained over the winter period. Last week our clients have some lovely courts, but unfortunately were no longer fit for purpose as they were simply too treacherous to play on.


From a distance these tennis courts looked like a nice grass surface, however on closer inspection they were actually concrete courts but algae and moss had really taken hold on the surfaces. Never fear, Odd Bods are here we will soon have them fit for tournament tennis we said!!


So using our fantastic pressure washing equipment, and years of experience we soon had the surfaces clear of all growth and in tip top playing condition.


The courts are now eagerly awaiting tennis players to serve aces.


Game Set and Match to Odd Bods.



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