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Play Areas & Tennis Court Cleaning Services

Play areas and tennis courts are two surfaces that need to be treated with a great level of care whilst cleaning. Nothing less than the best will do, otherwise you could end up causing serious damage to the playing surface. Here at Odd Bods we have plenty of experience in cleaning both types of surfaces and we have all of the correct chemicals and high quality equipment to ensure the job is done properly. If you want the best results, we are the pressure washing specialists for you.


Professional Tennis Court Cleaning in Norfolk

Tennis courts can easily become dirty and contaminated with moss, algae and lichen. This makes them slippery to play on, which is of course very dangerous. However, the wrong cleaning fluids and equipment can make the problem even worse. The last thing you want is for the playing surface to be completely destroyed! This is something you don’t have to worry about with our service. We use the correct chemicals and equipment, and have plenty of experience and an impeccable reputation. You are guaranteed the best results!
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Specialist Play Area Cleaning from Odd Bods


We also specialise in cleaning play areas, which have a spongy surface that also has to be treated with extreme care. Playing surfaces can end up damaged when companies use high-pressure washers, as the surface is not always strong enough to withstand this. The wrong chemicals can also cause a major problem when used on these expensive surfaces. Here at Odd Bods, our professional low pressure cleaning service is the ideal solution. We’ll ensure your play area looks fantastic with our deep clean that combines the use of medium pressure nozzles and specialist detergents.


If you have a play area or a tennis court that needs cleaning, Odd Bods is the company for you. Our experience and reputation should put your mind at ease. Moreover, all of our employees are trained to work to the highest safety levels, which is of great importance when it comes to this type of work. We ensure safe working practise at all time and are fully insured for all public liability situations.


Simply get in touch and we will provide you with a free no obligation quotation. All of our rates are extremely competitive and our service covers the entire Norfolk area.

play area and playground cleaning services. high pressure and low pressure cleaningPlay surfaces also have to be treated with the same care. The spongy surfaces aren’t always tough enough to withstand high pressure cleaning, so we use a combination of specialist detergents and medium pressure nozzles to give a deep clean.

Using the wrong chemicals or methods can do damage to these expensive surfaces – so this kind of specialist cleaning is a job for the professionals!
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