pure water window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Sparkling windows every time – We guarantee it!

Your windows are a major part of the look of your home but the outside of the windows can sometimes be neglected as you do not always see them especially if you have curtains or blinds. Cleaning the windows should be a regular part of your cleaning routine but one you can delegate to the professionals and we can undertake this service for you.

We offer regular a window cleaning service, using a water fed pole ‘ladderless’ system using our pure water cleaning pole system. The pole system allows us to get to areas a ladder does not always reach safely. It also gives you fantastic results every time. Using purified water, the pole still achieves great results to match traditional methods.When your windows are sparkling clean, the extra light flooding into your rooms will amaze you. It’ll look pretty good to your visitors too! Whether you’re a domestic or commercial client, we will offer the same great value services. At     Odd Bods we clean all the frames and sills as standard not just the glass so your entire window is sparkling!

For a sparkling, reliable service, contact Odd Bods today and see how we can help you.
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gutter cleaning, gutter emptying, gutter unblocking

Gutter Clearing and Gutter Cleaning

With our GutterVac we can empty gutters without using ladders.

When you see the rain overflowing from the gutters, you know it is time to get them cleaned and cleared!! However gutters are not always easy to reach and can be a long-winded and dangerous task using a ladder. Why not let us clean and clear them for you, leaving you free to get on with more important things!

Odd bods offer a great cleaning and clearing solution for your gutters. We use a system called a ‘GutterVac’, which means we can clean those gutters without using a ladder.

The high-powered ‘GutterVac’ reaches up to those awkward gutters and safely removes weeds, moss, debris and blockages from the gutters and downpipes, leaving you with clear and clean gutters.

If blockages are left to get worse and fester, over time they can make their way down into your walls and also into your drainage systems and cause major issues with your drains and damp issues within your property. Keep the gutters clean and clear for your peace of mind and get Odd Bods in to do the dirty work for you!

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cladding cleaning and industrial unit cleaning in norfolk

Cladding Cleaning

First impressions count – but what first impression does your premises give to your potential clients?

Cladding on a building can become unsightly over time. The weather here in Britain can quickly leave your exterior cladding looking grubby. You want a clients first impression to be a positive one but if the outside is dirty, then they will start to wonder how good the inside is. Even if you are a domestic customer with cladding on their home, you also want it to look well kept and clean as it increases the curb appeal of your home.

Here at Odd Bods we use weather a pressure washing system or our pole system to clean the exterior depending on the needs of the building. The grime and dirt will be stripped back to reveal the colour of the existing cladding. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this makes!

Traffic pollution, algae growth and general wear and tear all build up dirt and grime on your cladding and there is not much you can do to stop it. Allowing Odd Bods to clean the cladding on a regular basis, will leave you with no doubt that your exterior looks as good as the interior.

Contact Odd Bods today for a quote on cladding cleaning or any of our other services and we’ll be happy to talk you through them.

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conservatory cleaning and conservatory roof cleaning. Conservatory restoration Norfolk

Conservatory Cleaning

Is your conservatory a bright airy room that you use and enjoy?

Conservatories are meant to be light airy rooms to enjoy all year round; however, you may now notice yours is not quite so bright and beautiful as it once was?

Has your conservatory started to darken from the green algae and other dirt created by out great British weather? Why not get it cleaned so you can once again enjoy the space.

The conservatory roof is one of the places that can be hard to reach unless you lean out from an upstairs window, which can be pretty dangerous, not to mention uncomfortable. Instead of putting it off every weekend, call Odd Bods today.

We are conservatory cleaning experts and will have your conservatory shinning once more from top to bottom.
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caravan cleaning norfolk

Caravan Cleaning

Is your caravan ready for summer?

Caravans are great to get away in at any time of the year when the weather is nice. The last thing you want to think about when you’re looking forward to visiting your caravan is cleaning it every time, as lets face it, you do go there for a break!

Allow Odd Bods to come and clean it for you, leaving you with time to enjoy all the perks of owning your own caravan but with none of the extra effort. If you own one mobile home or more on a permanent site within the areas we cover, we can offer scheduled cleans at the start of every season and during, if need be.

Worry less about the exterior of your caravan, and contact Odd Bods today to ensure your caravan is always bright and shiny.

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