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Car Parking is an important part of both seaside resort and city centre planning, and once the perfect site has been chosen, the lines drawn and the security and payment arrangements made, it is often the case that cleaning the car park is forgotten, and these car parks fall into disrepair, only visited to change the coin machines.


The benefits of pressure cleaning car parks and public areas

Norfolk pressure washing - car park cleaning

A dirty, grimy car park or public area can put people off visiting, and can have a knock on effect when it comes to recommending the area to people.  However, the big 4 supermarkets, and some departments stores have cottoned on to the fact that a good car park or public area means more customers, and this is where Odd Bods can assist.

The British weather is not something to be trifled with, and many car parks and public area suffer from damage, such as dirt, grime and water damage to the surface and paint due to weather. Odd Bods can, however, provide a solution to this in the way of their Car Park and Public Area Pressure Washing Service, which promises to use the most highly experienced personnel and top quality equipment to strip the layers of dirt from the car park or public area and get it looking back to its best. This ensures that the publics has better impressions of the maintenance provided and are more likely to leave their car in local car parks whilst they go off and enjoy the facilities., ensuring a good income from your car park, if you charge to use it.

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Graffiti Removal for Car Parks and Public Areas

Power washing a supermarket car park

It’s often the case that Car parks and Public areas attract some graffiti and this can be very off putting to potential car parkers. Although most graffiti is left at night once the car parks are closed, it’s likely to remain there the next day, and this is what can make people worried about the safety of their vehicles.

At Odd Bods we pride ourselves on our excellent graffiti removal services, which promise to rid your car park or public area of the unwanted vandalism that graffiti can bring.  We use specialist detergents for the most difficult-to remove areas, and we work hard to ensure that all traces of graffiti are removed.

If you want to maintain your car parks or public areas in the best way possible, then why not give Odd Bods a call to discuss your needs!


  • Mrs J Proctor - Norwich - Norfolk

    The car-park, retaining walls and pathways have never looked so good the store looks really cared for now! – Odd Bods have done a terrific job!

    Mrs J Proctor - Norwich - Norfolk
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