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render cleaning, wall washing, monocouche render cleaning, algae removalRendered walls have long been a part of buildings everywhere, but they do pose problems when you consider how grubby they can get. As we live in a damp country, the damage done by mildew and limescale can leave walls like these stained with algae and lichen, and they also pose challenges when trying to get them clean. Some high-pressure methods can cause irreparable damage, and this is a worry for many building or homeowners.

Render cleaning from Odd Bods

Luckily, here at Odd Bods, we know exactly how to treat walls like this, to ensure that they come up perfectly. We utilise low pressure cleaning solutions to remove the grime from your rendered walls, leaving them looking just as perfect as when they were first built.We take our time to come up with solutions for many clients, who don’t want the traditional high pressure cleaning, or those that have surfaces that are difficult to clean, and our vast experience and professional training means that we always use the best tools for the job at hand.
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Cleaning both Old-Fashioned and Modern Acrylic Render with care

It’s not only old-fashioned rendering that can benefit from our cleaning services. Although modern acrylic rendering was previously lauded as a maintenance free option, many building owners, both commercial and residential have noticed that over time, their acrylic render has become soiled with algae and lichen.  A far cry from the surface that promised it would never need painting.

Whilst many owners do find there is less maintenance with modern acrylic render, in propertied with North facing aspects or shaded areas, problems do occur with staining, and a high pressure wash can damage the render beyond repair.

Here at Odd Bods, we use low-pressure methods to ensure that we rid the wall of dirt and grime and leave it looking clean and well maintained.

If your render is looking grubby, and you don’t want to risk cleaning it yourself, why not call Odd Bods to take advantage of our professional service. It’s cheaper than you’d think to get your home or commercial building looking back to its best.

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