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Out of sight, out of mind comes to mind when it comes to many people’s roof. As it’s not something you look at too often, it’s not the first thing on your list to get cleaned.

However, many different types of roof can become damaged due to high winds and bad weather. This can make them thick with dirt and algae and whilst you may not notice how bad they’ve become, chances are anyone visiting your home will have noticed. If you’re trying sell your home, you’d be surprised at what impression a clean and pristine roof makes, and it could also attract more buyers.

It’s not only the look of your roof that matters. Years of neglect can damage your tiles or make them porous, and this build up of dirt and grime can lead to blocked gutters too. Avoiding these problems means getting your roof cleaned professionally by those experienced in the trade to avoid any health and safety issues, or indeed any accidents.

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roof washing and painting. Norfolk pressure washing

Odd Bods Roof Cleaning Services

Choosing Odd Bods for your roof cleaning means not only will you have a clean and attractive roof, you won’t pay over the odds for it either. Our team of professionals, who are fully trained in using cherry pickers to reach even the most awkward roof, know how best to ensure we get a great finish, every time.  We can remove staining such as algae, moss, lichen, bird droppings and traffic fumes, leaving your roof looking pristine.

If there has been any damaged caused by weathering, we can even reseal your roof to ensure that your roof surface is protected from further damage. We operate our roof cleaning service on both a commercial and residential basis, and we offer solutions for all types of roof surface, (including Alu-clad and other powder coated systems) ensuring whatever your roof, we can get it looking great again.

We’re always happy to speak to clients about their particular needs, so whatever the question, please do get in touch to ask, as we have solutions for many types of roofing that other companies perhaps haven’t considered.

Transforming your building into an attractive office or home is easy when you hire Odd Bods. Why not get in touch and see how we can help!

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  • Mr Painter - Norwich - Norfolk

    Using high access equipment Odd Bods came and completely cleaned the roof on my house – the difference was amazing – excellent work at a very fair price.

    Mr Painter - Norwich - Norfolk
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