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The pressure washing technique is incredibly versatile and can be used to deal with dirt and grime affecting a wide variety of buildings and materials, with fantastic results. Pressure washing can also be used to get rid of substances and stains that extend beyond the accumulated dirt of daily life, leaving property clean and appealing for your customers, guests and the public.


Industrial Buildings

Norfolk pressure washing - car park cleaningFactories, warehouses, workshops, garages are classic candidates for pressure washing to remove the inevitable build up of grime. Pressure washing contributes to the safe environment of your employees and any visitors to your premises, and prolongs the life of buildings. Delivery areas, loading bays and forecourts can be kept as clean as the buildings themselves, enhancing the working environment. Plant and machinery can also be cleaned to a high standard using pressure washing, ensuring a longer life for your equipment.
Power washing a supermarket car park

Commercial areas

No one wants to visit a dirty shopping centre. Pressure washing provides an efficient means of keeping malls, car parks and pavements clean, encouraging customers to visit. Restaurants and fast food outlets need to be cleaned to a very high standard, and pressure washing ensures that this can be achieved. Walkways and car parking areas can be kept clean in the same way, as can service stations – notoriously grubby due to their close proximity to busy motorways and roads.

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Pressure Washing Domestic Buildings

roof washing and painting in NorfolkUsing pressure washing on your home’s exterior, on the drive, to clean steps, decking and patios has a number of benefits. It will tackle contaminants such as algae and mould, preventing them from growing and creating slip hazards. If you’re considering selling your house, then using a pressure washer to clean up brickwork and improve the appearance of the property, the most straightforward way of achieving the results you want. While you might not consider cleaning your roof at the same time, you’d be amazed at the difference pressure washing can achieve, as well as avoiding deterioration of your roof due to accumulated dirt.

Exterior brick and stonework

Norfolk pressure washing - cleaning a brick wall
Stone and masonry can be cleaned using the pressure washing technique, and a wide variety of building materials can benefit from professional pressure washing. Flagstones, limestone, brick and block work, paving slabs, concrete and block paving can all be cleaned using the pressure washing technique with outstanding results, as can timber. The unique atmosphere of the coast can cause its own particular cleaning issues, but again, pressure washing can deal with piers and sea walls, and remove the most stubborn barnacles from boat hulls.

Leisure Facilities

poolAll those monuments, statues, churches and churchyards, parks, parklands that suffer from environmental pollution, rendering them dirty, covered in unsightly algae, the victim of unscrupulous birds and wildlife – pressure washing is a suitable and effective cleaning technique for these local landmarks. Cleaning using the pressure washing technique will lead to an immediate improvement to the local environment, enabling the public to admire and appreciate their local public spaces. Tennis courts and swimming pools also benefit from regular pressure washing, keeping these popular sports facilities ready for use, hygienic and a place where people want to go and exercise.

Specialist cleaning

In addition to what might be considered ‘standard cleaning’, pressure washing can be used with very positive results to remove graffiti and chewing gum and to clean up after fire damage.
Whatever your needs, we can find a cleaning solution for you. Simply contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to come up with a plan.

Animal housing

It’s not just buildings and areas used by humans that can benefit from pressure washing. The technique is an effective and hygienic way of cleaning kennels and stables, ensuring that your animals (or those you look after) have clean, sanitary quarters so important for animal health.

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