Specialist Patio Cleaning – Norfolk

This week we had a customer from Martham near Norwich in Norfolk contact us for one of our specialist cleaning services. They had recently had their existing patio in their garden re-grouted between the paving slabs. Unfortunately the contractor who carried out this work and not done the neatest of works and had dropped concrete and grouting agent on the surfaces of the slabs. This had left the patio looking dreadful and the customer could not remove the dried on concrete without damaging the slabs.

Patio Cleaning Norwich

Never fear Odd Bods are here! We offer a professional full range of cleaning services and we were able to carefully apply a cleaning agent which once applied and allowed to rest for thirty minutes broke down all the excess residue we then gently washed down the area and then we carried out a full pressure washing clean – the outcome was fantastic – the concrete slabs look like new!

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