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Roof Maintenance for your home

When the time for cleaning comes around it’s not often that people will consider their roof as part of that agenda. They think it’s too difficult, too expensive and not something they can spend an hour or two doing. However if you live in the Norfolk, Norwich or surrounding areas there is another way! Roof cleaning might not be at the top of your list – but it is something we care greatly about. We use a pressure washing process with specialist brushes to transform any building from looking tired and drab to sparkling and fresh.


Is roof cleaning important?
It is hard to imagine why it would be important to consider roof cleaning. Despite roofs being exposed to all the elements, people do not usually appreciate the condition they end up in. Damage can be caused by dust, heat and naturally occurring bacterial growth such as fungi and moss. The extent to which these factors can affect your roof should not be underestimated. If left untreated not only is your roof going to be visually unappealing, but it will not stand the test of time. The moss and algae will grow, eating away at your roof. Furthermore, this type of growth will increase the rate of decay as it has a great propensity for retaining water.

Regular roof cleaning and maintenance can save you money in the long run. A new roof is expensive! Don’t be in a hurry to test that statement out – trust us!

roof washing and painting in Norfolk

roof washing and painting

Although you haven’t gotten around to it, you may have been considering attempting to have a go at roof cleaning yourself, we would suggest leaving this particular task to our qualified staff. Roof cleaning is dangerous and with all the best intent in the world inexperience and the wrong tools can make the situation worse, damaging the exterior further. Our roof cleaners are experts in their field, together with the right equipment including cherry pickers, specialist products – both cleaning and re-sealing – they will restore any roof to its former glory.
The saying ‘prevention is much better than a cure’ certainly applies to the topic of roof cleaning and maintenance. A looked after roof will reap dividends for you, your family, your employees, your belongings, your equipment and your livelihood. Don’t wait for things to go wrong. Contact us today for an assessment.
Roof cleaning is our business. Let us take care of it for you.

pressure cleaning of roof on a house in Norfolk from a cherry picker

pressure cleaning of roof on a house in Norfolk from a cherry picker

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