Pressure Washing in Norfolk – What can you clean???

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing is a form of cleaning surfaces using high-pressure mechanical sprayers. The high-power sprayers release high-pressure stream of water from its nozzle. The popularity of commercial pressure washing has increased significantly over the years with contractors offering their services all over Norfolk, Norwich and Great Yarmouth. Norfolk Pressure Washing stands out of the pack as one of the leading pressure washing companies in East Anglia. Norfolk Pressure Washing offers their services in a wide range of areas such as:

– Car parks
o Cleaning a car park can be a difficult task and there is a real possibility that you would not be able to clean the underlying dirt in the surface like excess salt, dirt and oil stains. These kinds of contaminants can ruin your car park’s surface over time if not tended to properly.

Norfolk pressure washing - car park cleaning

Norfolk pressure washing – cleaning a car park

– Driveway Cleaning and Patio Cleaning
o Like a car park, your driveway and patio’s are also exposed to dirt that can seep through its surface and cause damage and make them look very unsightly as well as very slippery in wet weather! What most people do not know is that hiring professional pressure washers for driveway and patio cleaning can save them lots of money if the potential damage to your driveway’s surface and the amount it would cost you to repair that is taken into consideration. A pressure washing service can make your driveway and patiolook like it did when it was first laid! Remember a driveway area is often one of the first thing that people see when visiting your home – create a great first impression by ensuring that oil stains are removed and that wow factor is restored! Your revived patio will make your garden a place of beauty!

– Graffiti removal
o Was your property victimised by street hooligans? Don’t worry. Graffiti removal is one of our areas of expertise. You don’t have to shell out money to repaint the whole surface. Professional and experienced pressure washers can remove graffiti off of your walls. We are equipped with the right kind of tools that rest assured will restore your property’s walls.

– Roof cleaning
o Roof cleaning is difficult and is best left to professional cleaners. Your roof, like the surfaces of your driveways and parking lots is vulnerable to being contaminated and damaged by dust, heat and other natural surface corroding factors. Pressure washing and professional cleaning brushes will make sure that every inch of your roof is cleaned, giving your property a real facelift !


– Restaurant equipment
o Cleanliness is paramount in every establishment operating in the food service. If you’re a restaurant owner, you know how expensive restaurant equipment can get. Aside from that, it is also a vital part of your operations. Properly cleaned restaurant equipment will ensure that you don’t get in trouble with the health inspectors and that your equipment will last for the long haul.
– Public walkways/areas
o Public walkways and areas are some of the busiest areas in the city. Like any other concrete surface, dirt, if not attended to regularly will corrode the surface. Cleaning roads, public walkaway and areas using pressure washers will remove seething oil, dirt and even those old bubble and chewing gum hardened on the concrete.

jet washing a brick wall

jet washing a brick wall

– Planes, trains and buses
o Pressure washers can also be used to clean aeroplanes, trains and buses. These massive modes of transportation can be difficult to clean but we can make sure that we have the required experience and equipment to deliver the best results.

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