Ivy Removal from Brickwork – Brickwork Restoration

Did you know we carry out brick cleaning as well? One of our clients in Norfolk had a property that had Ivy climb the bricks – although the ivy had been removed over five years ago, it had still left all its tendrils and spores on the brickwork.

This made the brickwork look awful, the client had tried many things to try and remove the ivy, from pressure washing to a wire brush all to no avail. These spores had been through five years of changing seasons and still they clung on.

A visit from Odd Bods using our specialist cleaning solution and soft washing techniques made short work of that ivy!! We removed all traces leaving the brickwork as good as new!

From ivy removal on bricks, to graffiti removal and general restoration – if your bricks are not looking their best, then give Odd Bods a call for a free quotation!


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