The Importance Of Gutter Cleaning In Norfolk

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Now we know that in the run up to Christmas cleaning out your guttering may not be high on your list priorities. In fact it may not be on the list at all! But it is something you ought to make time for and here we’ll explain why.

Gutters? Never even noticed them!

While it’s true that your gutters may not be the most attractive part of your house they actually do a pretty important job. From Acle to Wroxham, Great Plumstead to Great Yarmouth, your guttering just sits there not looking pretty but protecting your walls from the ravages of the rain. Their job is to direct rainwater from the roof down into the drains. Unfortunately due to their very shape and design they become cluttered and blocked over time with all kinds of debris from leaves and moss to bird droppings and this can form a solid mass. This then stops the flow of rainwater into the drainpipes. The first thing you will notice is when water starts to cascade down the outside walls. If you ignore this then eventually you may end up with structural damage including damp inside the house, and a bill for repairs and new guttering.

Take action

It doesn’t matter what type of guttering you have – whether plastic, steel or cast iron – even the strongest will buckle and break under the weight of debris and accumulating water. Ideally you need to have them regularly inspected and cleared to keep them functioning properly. If you do happen to notice water coming down the walls it is time to call in gutter cleaning in Great Yarmouth experts.
Unblocking and cleaning gutters in Norwich – or wherever you hail from – is not as easy as you think especially if the build-up of debris has been a long time in the making. Just climbing up ladders to reach the guttering – with a bucket in one hand and a scraper in the other – is not for the faint-hearted! And it is a messy, dirty, smelly and time-consuming job.

Get the professionals in

So this is where we at Oddbods come in. We are specialists in the field (and on the roof!) with vast experience in cleaning all kinds of domestic and commercial premises. Working from the ground we use the latest Guttervac cleaning technology and specially adapted lightweight poles to cover any size and shape of property, including areas previously inaccessible by ladder. If you’re looking for gutter cleaning in Norfolk or the surrounding area that you can depend on, then we’re happy to help!
So don’t wait until you can see trees growing out of your gutters. Call us for a quote and start protecting your house today.


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