Gutters Blocked? Let us Clear them

Well another year has been and gone and in 2016 here at Odd Bods we really are looking and continuing our services in exterior cleaning over the county of Norfolk and often further a field.



This time of year usually sees our gutter cleaning service get really hectic, all the rain causes the gutters to overflow if there is a blockage in the guttering around your property. Gutters easily fill with debris, from moss off your roof, from birds and general foliage from leaves and more. Before you know it you may see a small jungle growing, we have seen some lovely plants and flowers take hold in neglected gutters, and although it may look nice, it is certainly doing your property harm. 



A blocked gutter and blocked downpipes can cause a huge range of issues to your home, if your gutters are blocked and water is seeping over this can cause damage in several ways, from dripping down your walls to which will cause you damp issues to your walls on the inside and the outside. If the dripping misses the walls but falls at the foundations of your property it can pool and over time can cause cracks and even if cracks do not happen, all the excess water could cause mould issues too. 



Water needs to go somewhere, so it is essential that your gutters are fit for your property, if they are sagging or overgrown you can see the problems that can happen, but sometimes, it may be that the guttering system you have on your property is not sufficient, it could be that you could do with an additional piece of guttering or downpipes to help with the flow of water. Here at Odd Bods we can help with gutter repairs or gutter replacements too.



Many people get their gutters cleaned and cleared between October and February as normally most of the leaves have fallen by then – we recommend that people get their gutters cleared on at least an annual basis. If you are surrounded by trees it maybe that you will need them cleared more frequently. We are based in Martham, which is not far from Great Yarmouth and Norwich, we cover a very large area of Norfolk for domestic properties and further afield for commercial clears, having travelled recently to Scotland – we really can travel if you have larger commercial works!



If you look up and can see that the main problem for your blocked gutters is a heavily mossed roof, then of course sometimes it becomes more cost effective to look at the cause of the issues. If you property is heavily mossed you will get a lot of moss falling into your gutters and onto your property. We offer a fantastic roof cleaning service – using our pressure washing system, we are able to apply gentle pressure to remove all the growth on the roofs, leaving your roof looking terrific. 






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