Decking Restoration and Pressure Washing

Does your decking look in need of some much needed love and attention? Here at Odd Bods we offer our fantastic decking restoration and pressure washing service to properties all over East Anglia, as we are based in the village of Martham not too far from Great Yarmouth and Norwich we cover a huge area all over Norfolk.


If your decking area is big or small – it can really add an “extra room” to your home and when it was first installed you were probably amazed by how good it looked and how big it felt, what a great additional outside space, but now after a couple of winters does it look sad and uncared for? Without maintenance the decking can become slippery with algae and other growth, and as well as being a tricky area to walk on as the winter approaches it can also look unsightly.


You can hire a pressure washer and carry out a quick “rinse off” yourselves, or you can get the experts in to do a full deck treatment – you will truly be astounded by the results.


deck and table



Just last week we were instructed to visit a large IPE decked area in Catfield, it was a beautiful decked area but had at some time in the past had a poor sealing agent applied and now the large area looked grey and very weathered. One this particular deck the old sealer needed to be removed and the wood stripped back – so it was decided that a full restoration service be the correct source of action.


So firstly we applied a solution to strip all the sealer and then rinsed. Once dry we applied a colour restorer to the wood and further rinsed., again when dry we then hand sanded the entire decking area and blew it clear. At the final stage we applied a quality oiling agent, the transformation was fantastic. The deck looks like it has just been laid, and because the job has been done properly in the future the deck will simply need an annual pressure wash and re-oil when required.


All was needed now was some decking furniture, but oh no!!! All the decking furniture has the same drab look the decking had prior to our restoration – so we treated all the tables, chairs and benches to the same treatment – all of the furniture looks as good as new and now fully compliments the treated decking!

So if your decking is looking like a makeover is needed – then Call Odd Bods on 01493 749876 for a free quotation!!benches chairs 1 deck and table Gazebo Area deck 2 IMG_3197 table



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