Autumn Exterior Cleaning Pressure Washing and more!!!

Autumn is on its way and the first beams of sunshine are making their way onto our pathways and gardens. Thank goodness. Although we all love a bit of autumnal sunshine, it can, however, make our patios, driveways and decking look ever so slightly worn and grubby, the growth is starting to become apparent and in the coming weeks this can become slippy and dangerous

Fences are full of moss, pathways can look a little bedraggled and are just on the cusp of becoming slippery in the early morning dew. Not to mention the leaves having blown into the guttering, and the conservatory having taken the brunt of the weather. They’re all big jobs, if you don’t have the right equipment, and can take a bit of the joy of getting out in your garden away from you.

Luckily Odd Bods have come to the rescue, introducing a new pressure washing service to their many other exterior cleaning services. Using a professional high powered pressure washer we can ensure your decking and patios are left gleaming!

Our pressure washing service is just perfect for cleaning your patio, driveway, decking, fencing or conservatory, and getting rid of all that Brickwork Cleaning

picisto-20140307024359-365823dirt and grime. When it comes to reviving your brickwork, concrete and tarmac, there’s nothing better than a blast of our high tech pressure washer, and we can even re sand or re seal afterwards for you if required.

Of course Odd Bods can certainly ensure that your conservatory roofs and fascia’s look like new too. With years of experience in cleaning windows, solar panels, and gutters to name a few jobs, no job is too big (or small for that matter)! You can give the outside of your property a whole new lease of life, as we have all of the latest technology to make your spring clean a really effective one.

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